Bai Shan Zu

Bai Shan Zu XO Mushroom Sauces were developed by famous culinary experts in Taiwan using pure “Qingyuan Shiitake” to meet the five different ethnic Chinese taste preferences. Available in 5 flavours: Szechuan, Five Spice, Spicy, Aromatic Chinese and Garlic, the XO Mushroom Sauce range is ready to eat, perfect as a topping on rice and noodles or used as a dipping sauce and is ideal as a cooking condiment.

The newest products from Bai Shan Zu, the King Oyster Mushrooms & Tea Tree Mushrooms, can be used as cooking ingredient, as well as snack.

In China Tea Tree Mushrooms are often seen in soups and hot pots. The King Oyster mushroom is also widely eaten throughout Asia and the taste full of flavor and some say it resembles abalone. It is often found in vegetarian stir fry recipes because of its unique firm texture and taste.

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