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Black White Fungus

Number: 7131
Brand: Jade Phoenix
Product: Black Fungus/ White Back
Size: 12/10x50g

Shiitake Whole 3-4cm

Number: 7111
Brand: Jade Phoenix
Product: Shiitake Whole 3-4cm
Size: 12/10x50g

Po-Ku Mushroom

Number: 4410
Brand: Maling
Product: Po-Ku Mushroom
Size: 24x284 g

Pickled Cabbage

Number: 4455
Brand: Maling
Product: Pickled Cabbage
Size: 72x200 g

Young Baby Corn

Number: 4372
Brand: Mae Ploy
Product: Young Baby Corn
Size: 24x425 g

Young Coconut Meat

Number: 4366
Brand: Mae Ploy
Product: Young Coconut Meat
Size: 24x440 g

Jackfruit in Syrup

Number: 4362
Brand: Mae Ploy
Product: Jackfruit in Syrup
Size: 24x565 g

Lychee in Syrup

Number: 4360
Brand: Mae Ploy
Product: Lychee in Syrup
Size: 24x565 g

Sardines in Soy Oil

Number: 8750
Brand: Brunswick
Product: Sardines in Soy Oil
Size: 12x106 g

Preserved Duck Eggs

Number: 4670
Brand: Superior Food
Product: Preserved Duck Eggs
Size: 18x6 pcs

Water Chestnut Whole

Number: 4470
Brand: Double Phoenix
Product: Water Chestnut Whole
Size: 24x567 g

Radish Whole

Number: 4450
Brand: Maling
Product: Radish Whole
Size: 48x340 g

Young Baby Corn

Number: 4409
Brand: Mae Ploy
Product: Young Baby Corn
Size: 6x2,9 kg

Longans in Syrup

Number: 4361
Brand: Mae Ploy
Product: Longans in Syrup
Size: 24x565 g

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